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As a result of an extensive research development with its Team Riders, Phynix Surfboards has created a very complete line of surfboards that suits all kinds of surf levels and wave conditions. We only use first class materials, and the commitment we put in each board that we make is reflected in the satisfaction of those who surf with a PHYNIX.


This board is like “café au lait” in my surfboard line . In the pocket the “performer” is a quick and tight turning board. It has a low entry rocker but accelerated rocker at the tail. It works well with all surfers, but best for those who like to trim off the front foot and turn off the back foot. The bottom contour is a single concave with a double concave placed inside a single between the fins. The forward rails are soft and forgiving for critical maneuvers. Sizes from 6'0” to 6'5”.


This board is designed for a bigger and/or older surfer but is definitely a performance board. Flat deck and full rails, sizes 6'6” to 7'3” and widths from 19” to 22”. Thickness from 2” 1/2 to 3”.

Performer ultra

This is the latest result of a extensive research development with my Team Riders in small and medium size waves. The thickness is normal, and the foward rail is soft and forgiving. The  outline has a tear drop shape. This board generates speed and maintains extreme maneuverability. Size from 6'0” to 6'4”.

Fly Fish

Specially for bad or  small waves. The rocker is super low with a single concave running the length of the board including a flat panel at the tail. You should ride the “Fly Fish” 2” to 4” shorter than your small board and 1/2” to 1” wider.

Surf Slide

This is a hybrid. The most popular shape for all conditions. The bottom has a slight roll forward going to a flat center, into a concave and back to a robust tail rocker. This is a board for good performance. It can be used in any conditions for all sizes of surfers. Available from 6'6” to 8'6”.

Super Gold

This is the king of board that my Team Riders would ride in sizes 6´3” to 6´6” in places like Supertubos ou Belgas. When the waves get a little bigger and more powerful and you don't quite need a Gun, this is the board. Rides like a short board but holds in critical conditions. Order this 2” to 4” longer than you short board but with the same width and thickness available up to 6'10” .

Semi Gun

Our Semi-Gun is available from 6'6” to 7'2”. A relatively low entry rocker with a “V” trough the tail and double concave between the fins. Designed for overhead or double overhead surf.

Ultra Gun

This board is for bigger waves. It has a flatter deck for improved paddling and more thickness out to the rails for a positive feeling in heavy conditions. The bottom contour is flat in the center flowing to a flat panel vee out the back. Available from 7'3” to 8'6”.

West Coast / Longboard

My short board experience built into a Longboard. This board has accelerated rocker. Throughout a vee to the tail. Designed with the modern Longboard in mind.

Retro Fish

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